Friday, September 25, 2009

Eidul-Fitri and Birthdays

The 1st day of Syawal and Eidul-Fitri was on Sunday. It was also my birthday. The next day was Najla's birthday. So, my children decided to celebrate the three occasions together. There were lots of food for the Eidul Fitri and two different birthday cakes, one each for Najla and me. Two birthdays and 60 years difference.

As usual we started off the day with morning prayers at the mosque. The mosque was full 'to the brim' with the congregation consisting of male and female adults and also children. On normal days only men and a handful of women congregate at the mosque for the daily and once weekly Friday prayers. But for the two annual Eid prayers the mosque will be full, just as it was last Sunday. After prayers, with our grandchildren in tow, we paid our respects to our Imam whose house is just next to the mosque. There were others visiting him too, so we just stayed for a while. The children of course were looking forward to receiving the small packets from the elders.

At home, food was ready on the table. And, there were the two cakes. Najla could not wait to have her candles blown and to cut her cake. We did it simultaneously and then proceed to savour the food spread. Our usual 'signature' sweet meat was also available. There were spice flavoured rice, white rice cubes, and also glutinous rice cooked while wrapped in coconut leaves, all taken with sweet meat and various other dishes of rendang and curries. Phewww.... diet control took a back seat that day.

Family members and Rams nieces and their families came visiting, and there were merriment all round. A whole day of eating. By evening we were ready to leave for JB, to visit my Mum, and also to spend a few days there to visit other elders but most of all to participate in our annual family gathering, the WTCC gala night. I will write a separate posting on this.

On the way to JB we stopped to visit Rams sisters, Siti and Rashidah, in Shah Alam. Rashidah, who recently went through a rough time battling cancer and whose treatment is still ongoing, spent a quiet Eid at home with Siti. It was 8pm by the time we got away from Shah Alam and the four hours drive to JB, arriving at the hotel in JB at close to 1.00am. We decided to stay at the hotel where our family gathering function was to be held on the 3rd day of Eidul-Fitri....

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End of Ramadhan

Ramadhan ended on Saturday. One month of fasting, of fighting against mental and bodily desires, of abstaining from food and other physical needs during the day hours, of supplicating and devoting all energy and efforts towards seeking Almighty's pardon and exoneration for past misdeeds, and His guidance for our future well being, has ended. We then seek to ponder our renewed efforts to become a more devoted person, in the hope that we will maintain good health and that we will live to meet the next Ramadhan.

As we break fast on this last day of Ramadhan we rejoice, with the thought that we have won the fight against negative emotions, against our internal mortal desires, rejoice at the thought that He has guided us well, and hope that all our efforts in the last one month meet His requirements, and seek his acceptance of the same.

We also rejoice at the presence of all our children and grand children (except for Fahrul who has to be in Tenby, Wales) in the house to celebrate the coming of Syawal, of Eid Mubarak. We also look forward to meeting up with other family members in the celebration of Eid Mubarak.

As it has been the tradition, at the end of Ramadhan and the start of Eid Mubarak, the eve of which were spent with the men and children in the neighbourhood gather together and move house to house to recite the Eid Takbir, glorifying the Almighty and seeking his forgiveness and guidance always. There were close to thirty adults and same number of children in our immediate neighbourhood going round house to house that night. The children had alot of fun, partaking in the food offered in each house and receiving little packets containing some money and in some instances goodies of chocolates and cookies. We started immediately after the Isya' prayers and ended at just after midnight. The young children enjoyed the most, although some were already sleepy-eyed but forced themselves to continue obviously seeking to receive goodies from each house visited. I think all enjoyed themselves, and the atmosphere of merriment had begun.....

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

5 Months Old in a few days


Hadeef Hafiy Mohd Shaffik, 5 months in a few days, born on 18th April 2009. Bubbly, demanding and a light sleeper....
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4 Months Very Soon


Fieras Naufal Fahrul Nizam 4 months old, born on 22nd May 2009. Quiet and observant but can really scream....
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Going on 8 and 9


Hifzhan Haafiy, right, will be 9 on 16 February 2009 and the younger brother, Haziq Haafiy 8 on 2 February 2009. Cheeky and playful....
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4 going on 5


This cute girl, Haadieya Hasya Mohd Shaffik, is 4 turning on 5 on 22 February 2010
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4 Going On 5


This little girl, Fadieya NurNajla Fahrul Nizam, is 4. Going to be 5 on 21st September 2009. Ain't she cute?
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