Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Remembering Ram's late sister and brother in-law

It all started with a dream. A dream one of Ram's nieces had and spontaneously the siblings decided to hold a prayer gathering. They requested to hold it in our house, us being the elder, in the absence of their parents. We were delighted. We were more than willing and they were most welcomed to hold the prayer session in our house. Never mind the negativity detractors say about holding prayer sessions for the deceased, this even came from an 'ustaz', a preacher (I totally disagree with him!!) but we were determined that we were doing the right thing. Ram cooked the rice and prepared salad while the siblings, amongst them, brought the various dishes, fruits and sweets to go with.

I was asked, by default, to lead the congregation in the dusk (Maghrib) and the evening (Isya') prayers and in between the two prayers, the reciting of verses from the Quran; glorifying the Almighty and the holy prophet followed by supplications seeking His guidance and forgiveness, for the deceased as well as for the living. All participated, Babang and Dedek included, although Dedek could not hold his attention long enough through the session. And then there was Ehsan, aged between Babang and Dedek, the youngest of one of Ram's nieces, who also could not hold his attention long enough. Both Ehsan and Dedeks antiques kept those present amused, although somewhat silently while in prayers!!

As it was decided to hold the prayer gathering at a short notice some family members could not attend, two of them being away overseas and one family in Singapore could not make it. It was fortunate that Ram's sisters were here to keep a doctors appointment and that Shaffik and family were here too. Since this session was held at the 'spur of the moment' it was decided that sufficient notice be given for future gatherings to allow proper planning of the event. Ram and I are ever willing to participate.

All in all it was a worthwhile gathering. It has been a while since we were all gathered together like this and it was a welcomed event in deed. Most agreed that we should continue doing the sessions, at least two or three times a year. Detractors aside, we seek the Almighty's guidance in this and we pledge allegiance to Him seeking His forgiveness. May the Almighty be pleased. Wabillah-Hi-Taufek....

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Month of May gone to Virus?

The month of May is almost over and throughout the month I have had limited use of my laptop. I had to reformat it three times!! to sort out the virus problem, losing all my data and records in the meantime. I hope I have now, finally, sort out everything and can be back in cyberspace again, phew!

Apart from the virus thingy, there have been alot going on in the family. Son, Shaffik and family together with his in-laws were here for a holiday. We held a prayer gathering in my house to remember Ram's late sister and brother in-law, we made a trip to JB for Shaffik to meet his grandmother and the little kids to see their great-grandma. Fahrul, Sita and Najla too were here. Fahrul's parents also came to visit. So it was a series of gatherings and reunions. It was fun.

This month was also the month where we continue to celebrate 'maulud', the birthday of the prophet, which was held at a number of locations including one at our favourite mosque where we regularly go to to attend religious classes. We even went to Singapore to attend a 'maulud' at one of the mosques there. We stayed in Ram's nephew's house for two nights. I will try to write more on this maulud sessions later.

A very sad thing also happened, and this was last weekend, the day (Friday) when we returned from Singapore, when my niece's husband passed away. He had a heart attack while at home. He was only 51 years old. We stayed for the funeral and prayer services.

We returned to PJ on Sunday. I spent the whole day today reformatting my laptop, yet again, and as it is now, it seems to be behaving itself!! I hope it will continue to function properly and not fail on me again.

Many thanks to son Shaffik, son-in-law Fahrul, and nephew Azam for assisting me and giving tips on what to do to correct the laptop 'misbehaviour'. Without their help and input I would have taken much longer to put things right. Of course I can just send it to the shop and get them to repair the laptop but that would cost me much money and something at the back of my mind tells me that these computer shops are just waiting to pounce on me with hefty bills when you are in this situation and dilemma..... ah well.... I am being pessimistic.... some say I am being overly suspicious of them.... but then I cannot help being suspicious.....

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Virus! Virus! Virus!

I have not been able to use my laptop for quite a while now, more than a month in fact, and it has been very frustrating, all because of virus infections. I had to reformat the hard drive, loosing all my data along the way, although some of them I had backed up in thumb drives, but only to find out later that that too were infected by virus!! Even as I am writing this blog posting I am aware that the laptop is not functioning to its full capacity. I can still detect some 'bugs' in its performance and is driving me to wits end!! errrrrgh!!!! There are still worms in my laptop!!

Frustration? Now that I think about it I consider the cyberspace lull as something that is preordained. I was to lay off computer for a while and there had been something good that came out of it. Hence, it was frustration unfounded. I would sometime sit for hours infront of the computer screen, surfing the net, sharing information with my peers, friends and relatives, that other things are left unattended. I would be carried away in cyberspace. When the computer was out, all those unattended things were attended to. I have to learn not to get unduly frustrated when things do not turn out right for me. I have to learn to make good of the situation, any situation for that matter, and not get stressed up unnecessarily. Like what it is now with my laptop, although there are still bugs in it, I will have to find ways to eliminate the bugs and meanwhile make do with its current availability. I realise that I am better off then others who do not even have laptops or computers at all. That is 'looking at a glass half-empty' against 'looking at a half full-glass'!!

Catching up on the happenings over the last 6 weeks or so, there had been quite a number of activities that I want to record. As usual, during that period, Ram and I travelled to Kerteh and Johore Bahru several times. One of the trips to Kerteh we made by taking the bus instead of driving and it was a very relaxing travel indeed. Other than travelling we had attended several religious gatherings to commemorate the birth of the prophet pbuh, attended retirees club functions, received several visitors and relatives in our house, held a religious and prayer gathering for Ram's late sister and brother-in-law, attended weddings of friends' children and also of Ram's grandnephew and most exciting of all was the presence in our house of our three Bintulu grandchildren together with their parents and also the other grandparents for two weeks. Time permitting, I will write on these later.

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