Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Newlyweds Visited Grandma In JB

Both the newlyweds are back at work and back into the daily grind chasing schedules and work commitments, leaving them not much time to attend to family and social needs. As newlyweds Tessa wanted to meet up with Grandma in JB and introduce Amir to her since Grandma could not attend their wedding. Saturday was the only day they could get away from the 'grind' and off to JB they went. Meanwhile we arranged with my sister Rosni to host a gathering of relatives, uncles and aunties, cousins once and twice removed, to a high tea gathering to meet the Newly weds.

Ram and I had an invitation for an evening of 'Maulid' session at the State Mosque in Johor Bahru. It was held on Friday soon after the late afternoon prayers through to dusk prayers and followed by dinner. So, we left PJ early Friday morning and stayed on until late Sunday afternoon.

Grandma In Her Best Waiting For The Newlyweds and Other Family Members

The Newlyweds

There was a good turnout. We managed to get another relative to cook laksa, Tessa's favourite, spaghetti noodles in fish sauce with several types of vege condiments prepared Johore style. It turned out to be everyones' favourite too. There were other foods as well, fruits and sweets, and local cakes more than enough for everyone present that day.

Also Newlyweds?? But why sit far apart? Ha Ha! Brother Abid and wife Juli

Mum/Grandma enjoyed the attention she got from everybody, I think, as she continued to stay in the lounge throughout the afternoon. Usually after about an hour or less of sitting in the lounge she would go into the room and lie down, but not on this day. Her younger brother, Uncle Sudin sat for a while chatting with her and later her younger sister, Aunty Saedah also came. Aunty Saedah is a little hard on hearing, hence there were some hilarious moments when Mum and her talked to each other!!

Uncle Shamsudin, Mum's younger brother

Laksa - The Bride's favourite... but then its everyones' favourite too!!

A good afternoon. Nice weather. Good turnout of relatives. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and togetherness.

An Uncle on my late Dad's side, Baharudin, also came with his wife and his d-in-law and granddaughter. Also the wifes of my late paternal uncles with children and grandchildren. Quite a crowd.

Another Uncle and Wife

We found out, by coincidence, that an old friend of our family, The Roccherdis, from Palembang, Indonesia, were in JB to visit their daughter, Windy, working in the Indonesian Consulate in JB. Tessa Shaffik and Sita used to be close friends and played together with Windy and her elder siblings, Lita and Yudy, when they were kids, and that was many many years ago. We managed to contact them and they came for the gathering. It was very pleasant in deed to have them visit. Coincidentally Windy occasionally goes on stage for functions performing evergreens in keroncong and thus has a lot in common with brother Abid and his daughters who give stage performances as well.

Old Friend from Palembang - Windy and Ibu Roccherdi

That's Pak Roccherdi

Hostess - My Sister Rosni with Uncle Baharudin

Hmmmmm Yummy!

Enjoying the Food

Hairani - Another Sister Just Arrived

Brother Kifli-Oops... did you bite the chilli?

Tessa's cousins on Ram's side were also present for the merriment. A good turnout in deed.

First Cousins, Second Cousins and More..... Can Amir remember all?

All praises to the Almighty, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, for bestowing upon us the pleasure of a wonderful afternoon and the days beyond, for keeping the newlyweds and all others present in good health so that we could all meet with renewed and lasting family relationships and we continually seek His Guidance and Protection to preserve the good relationships amongst us present. And may He be pleased with all our efforts........ Amin YaRabbul Alamin....

MKI Ramblings Unlimited,
Petaling Jaya

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Former Housemates Dinner Gathering

1966 through to 1968/69. We were bachelors sharing a bungalow house in Teluk Gadong, halfway between Kelang and Port Kelang. We were all of about the same age and were all on our first jobs. One was in the Customs, others were in the shipping industry while I was with the petrochemicals/fertilizer industry. We had 'activities', innocent ones, like most groups of bachelors of that era do. These activities drew us close to each other.

All of us got married within three years of each other, all have children and all have grandchildren now. We met often in the early days, but as time went by, with pursuits of career, family commitments and life demands taking center stage in our lives, our meetings became less and less frequent. If at all we met at weddings and other rare occasions.

At the same time some opted for further studies and indeed one went on to complete doctorate level while some others improved their standings in society. We were the captains and lieutenants of our chosen industry and vocation. Some gained titles with prefixes to their names but we are all still known by our own short names when we were first together.

With impending Tessa's wedding, one of us, Rahman, suggested we should find a date for all of us to get together. Although all would be present at Tessa's wedding but it would not be a suitable occasion for us to catch up on the long lost times. A date was found and we agreed to meet over dinner at the PJ Hilton one evening last week.

Rahman and Azizah hosted and all turned up on time. A lot of friendly banter and memory recalls that night. We laughed at the antics of some and at incidents of past. We had a good time and a lot of catching up with each other. It was pleasant and it was nostalgic. Would we want to do it again? Yes everyone said and we will just have to find another suitable time to do that. We should include one or two others that we could not locate for this occasion.....

That's Rahman and Azizah, The Hosts, Checking Out If Any Of Us Have Arrived

Ismail and Wife Next. Yati too but Where Was Daud?

Yusof Greeting the Camera? Ha ha ha!

Minah and Ramlah Exchanging Greetings at the Back with Ever Smiling Daud at the Corner Forefront

Hi! Harun, Long Time No See!!

All Together Now - Lets Scratch Our Backs! Ha Ha Ha!

Omigosh! What's That Huh?

Golf Talk Of Course

Some Went For Buffet Spread, Some Ala-cart But In The End All Had A bit Of Everything!!

Ramlah On the Right, Yati Center and Masri Next to Yati

Wow! A Big Pan of Pizza! Shared by All! Waiting In Anticipation?

MKI Ramblings Unlimited,
Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breakfast Family Gathering

My Youngest Sister, Dr Munira and husband Dr Ismail, held a breakfast gathering in their house in JB last Saturday for the family. It was an opportunity I would not want to miss and I had yet to see Mum after Tessa's wedding. Mum could not attend the wedding as she was not too well to travel long distances after the fall she had several weeks ago. She is recovering slowly and is able to travel short distances now. She can also walk about in the house, slowly but with help from others. More than that she will need the wheel chair.

All my siblings and their families living in JB were there for the gathering and there were lots of laughter and fun banterings around. Breakfast was mainly 'Nasi Lemak' i.e rice steamed in coconut milk with various condiments like cucumber, boiled eggs, fried anchovies, prawns in sambal (chili gravy) and other foods.

Mum was the happiest of all I think. She did not move about and sat in her chair all the time but she was smiling all the way and asked about the wedding and the wedding couple several times. I must remember to ask Tessa to go down to JB and introduce the Bridegroom to her Grandma as soon as possible. She is still in an island somewhere for her honeymoon.

Pictures as follows.....

With Mum

Food and More Food!!

From Tessa's Wedding - Special Cake For Mum Who Could Not Attend!!

Wash Up Time

The 3rd Generation

In-Laws - Puff Puff Time, Heh Heh!!

Out-Laws? Ha ha! White Haired Siblings!!

Not Done Eating Yet?

What Happens If I Blow The Soup Spoon?

Soup On My Chest - Yak!

MKI Ramblings Unlimited,
Petaling Jaya