Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Melaka

There was a cousin's wedding in Melaka last weekend. Ram and I went down to JB a few days before the wedding to visit mum and other family members. Ram also had some personal errands to attend to in JB. We have been away in UK and thought we should go down to visit Mum.

While in JB and apart from attending to the necessary errands, we also took the opportunity to visit the grave of elders, Ram's family home, favourite food outlets and others.

On the way back to KL we stopped in Melaka to attend the wedding reception. Brother Abid lives in Melaka, so his house was our base when we attended the wedding. Mum was taken by brother Li to the wedding. Brother Joe came from KL and that made a rare occassion for the four brothers altogether in one place.

The Four Brothers

One sister and all our spouses were there in Abid's house after the wedding. We just had to take a picture together.

Four Brothers, A Sister And Spouses

Mum Had Just Arrived

Although we had our fill of food at the wedding reception we just cannot turn down the 'signature' fried noodles prepared by Abid's wife. It was a hot day. Cool iced juice and hot black coffee were both welcomed to wash the noodle down.

Fried Noodles High Tea

Sis-in-law Giving Instructions to Her Office Whilst Mum Takes A Nap

Mum Going Home

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Two Sisters In UK

Two Sisters, Aishah and Hani, my nieces from my youngest sister, are in UK. Both are studying to be medical doctors in two different Universities, Aishah in Dublin and Hani in Bristol. We had the opportunity to catch up with them recently.

Aishah was on a break and came to Tenby one weekend. The weather was not too good the weekend she came nevertheless we took the opportunity to go out and visit some places close to Tenby. We drove to St David and Fishguard and visited the church and interesting heritage buildings there.

Two Red Cars, Fahrul's on the Left; On The Right Is More Attractive!!

A nice drive to St David, through country roads with country view and occasionally along the beautiful beaches but too cold this time of the year to stop and enjoy them!!

In St David With Aishah

From St David we drove on to Fishguard and stopped at a restaurant for lunch, a fast food outlet and one that we were familiar with having been there once before.

Going For Lunch

Lunch In Fishguard

Last weekend Sita had some commitment to attend to in Eastleigh, a town close to Southampton. On the way there we stopped in Bristol to visit Hani. She was waiting for us in her house which is close to the University. The two little kids were happy as they could be free to move around in the house after being cooped in the car all the way from Tenby. We only stopped for a while and moved on before it got too dark. It was another two hours drive or so to the hotel in Eastleigh.

Just Arrived At Hani's House In Bristol

With Farhani (Hani) In Her House

Hot Tea On A Cold Day With Crackers To Add Flavour While Catching Up On Old Times

Don't mind me please! I'm updating my facebook!!

My New Groove

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