Monday, July 20, 2015

Hari Raya 2015 - Family Getaway

Just like last year, when Ram had to go through another cornea transplant on her left eye during Ramadhan, this year's Ramadhan had also been a trying period for her. So was it for me. Both of us had very bad flu and cough and it was tough coping. with the incessant coughs, weezings, and sniffles, pressure was impacted on her eye that some times it became painful for the eyes. But Alhamdulillah, with Allah's blessings, we persevered and managed to perform the necessary obligations, or at least most of them, with very high hope that all our efforts  and prayers are acceptable by Allah and we seek His guidance always.

Then came Syawal and Eid'l Fitri. There was the usual reciting the Eid takbir and doa from house-to-house of our neighbours starting from soon after Isya' prayers and ending at about 1.00am or so. There would be food in every house and most of us would just take a bite or two or otherwise it would be tough overfilling our tummies then. Children especially, my grandchildren included, would enjoy these visits, as apart from eating good food, they will receive raya packets as well. There were easily about 70 children that night. By strange coincidence, five of the houses we visited served pizza and the children enjoyed themselves.

The next day, after Eid prayers and family breakfast, we had the usual rendang with rice cakes and also glutinous rice (ketupat palas) for breakfast, we adjourned to Ram's elder sister's house in Shah Alam for lunch. Lunch was the sister's signature lontong and more rendang.

We decided, breaking from our traditional annual Eid routine, to get away as a family for the Eid holiday period. We chose a place called Kepyok to spend our time together (google 'Kepyok Malaysia' for details), a resort quite a ways from the city, about an hour drive out to a remote area where there are alot of greens and of course serenity.

We spent two nights there, all of us, 2 grandparents, 6 parents and 7 grandchildren. We had the whole resort to ourselves. The resort is owned by a local Malay, Zakaria and his Japanese wife, Yasmin Yoko, who happens to be a very good cook. Tessa, Sita and Yasmin Yoko, had prearranged the menu for all the meals throughout our stay. Yasmin was the main chef and she has a helper to help her in the kitchen, We were all allowed access to the kitchen, encouraged to make ourselves at home, cook ourselves or together with Yasmin if we need to. The children get to make their own pizza and they had much fun! So the meals were Japanese, which everyone of us love, barbecue and pizza, Japanese rice and curry, sushi, a lot of vegetables, fruits, sweets and cakes. Steamed sweet potatoes, red beans soup, featured as snacks together with other snacks which are always on the dining table. Beverages available anytime throughout. 

When not eating the children swim a lot, the pool is always so inviting,
even after a lot of pizza!

When not eating and or not swimming, the children would play with the fish in the pond built around the chalets, or chase after the house cat, ducks and other domestic animals, and run up and down the hill to the gazebo:

For relaxation they woulod play chongkak, board games, monopoly, the piano, or read in the library.

Time well spent, Alhamdulillah.

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