Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the blink

We are now in Bintulu and have been here for almost a week. The day after we arrived my laptop went on the blink. Windows started dumping and refused to log on and said that one of the system files was not functioning. I had to send it for rehab...

Got the rehabilitated laptop back from the shop yesterday and fired it up.... started ok and I began configuring the programmes that I ausually apply. However midway it started to dump what I was doing and I had to restart. Looks like the problem is not completely solved. So for important stuff that I do on the computer I use the home computer that Shaffik has in the house. It is a little slow compared to the laptop but better than nothing and better than losing my work half way when it starts to dump. I will have to send the laptop back for another rehab...

Using the home computer has its downside because the kids use them too, hence its on shared time usage. I get to use it in the mornings though when the two boys are in school but the little girl is beginning to intrude too. All of us used to say that she is still too small to use the computer and she relented. The brothers keep saying, "Wait until you are big enough, then you can use the computer!!"

Yesterday, I switched on the computer and while waiting for it to log on etc etc. (It's slow remember) I went to the toilet. When I came out I saw the little girl on the computer and she said, "See, I told you Tok Bah..... I am big already" Somehow she managed to open up the picture files and was viewing her brother's school 'Ikhtifal" function (end of year certificate presentation) photographs. I asked where is your brother's picture and she could scroll to show them. So, she proved that she is big enough to use the computer. Imagine the rush to use it when the brothers come home from school.... and further limiting time for me to use it in the mornings.....

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Watch Went Kaboom

Not too long ago Ram and Sita bought me a watch, not a wrist-watch but the one that you hold in your palm and flip open the cover to see the watch face/time and has an attached chain that you can anchor the other end to your clothing. I usually flop the watch into my shirt pocket and anchor the chain to one of the shirt button holes. Originally it was quite a bother for me to see the time as I have to pull the watch out of the pocket, sometimes it gets stuck or entangled with my cell-phone which I normally place in the same pocket and had almost given up using it. It was much easier to see the time using a wrist-watch. However, over time, I got the knack of doing it and was quite easy really. So, I use the watch often now.
I brought the watch with me on my recent trip to Bintulu and Kuching. The three kids were of course all over me, each trying to hold and touch the watch as soon as I arrived in the house in Bintulu. Haadieya was the first one to it as usual and tugged on the attached chain but gave up when she did not get to detach it from my shirt. That was the end. She did not pursue with the watch after that. Babang and Dedek however continued being fascinated by the watch, especially Dedek who relentlessly asked questions after questions on the watch. I wondered why he continued to be fascinated and I found out why a few days later when we were in Kuching.
Fahrul and Sita called us when we were in Kuching and we had the conversation over the speaker-phone of my cellular, so that we can all chat with them all at the same time. Najla talked with us for just a while as, according to Sita, she was eating then (that’s code for being uninterested and crappy!!). They were getting ready to go to a Raya gathering in one of their colleagues house in Milford Haven. Apparently the wife of PETRONAS’ President and her two children were in Milford Haven for two days and they decided to hold the impromptu pot-luck gathering.
The conversation between Dedek and Sita went this way:
Dedek: Tante Ta, where did you buy Tok Bah’s watch?
Tante Ta: Yes Dedek, Tante Ta buy what?
Dedek: Tok Bah’s watch, the one that has got a chain on it and you can open the cover…..
(Ah-ha I thought, he is up to something here!!)
Tante Ta: Oh that white watch. I bought it in UKay. Why?
Dedek: I like it.
Tante Ta: Oh Okay…. It’s nice isn’t it?
Dedek: Yes very nice. I don’t have a watch Tante Ta! (Ahhh here it comes!!)
Tante Ta: Oh! What happened to your watch?
Dedek: It is broken already….
Tante Ta: Why? What happened to it?
Dedek: It was Babang. He said that the watch was waterproof but it went kaboom with water!!
Tante Ta: Oh oh! Ok we will see what we can do about it later…
Dedek: Thank you Tante Ta
Ha! Knowing this little guy he will claim the watch later….
Tok Bah: Dedek, Babang said that the watch was waterproof, so you have to test it in water?
Dedek: Giving me that cheeky smile, “but it’s waterproof!!” Interpret: not my fault but wrong information on the watch and of course Babang should know better!! Ha ha!
Babang was not around in our room then so he did not hear this conversation, other wise there would be pandemonium again ha ha!
Children children, never a dull moment with them and you never know what’s to come he he he!