Sunday, January 31, 2010

High Tea With Friends

Saturday afternoon. An opportunity for a get-together amongst friends. We had two family friends over for high tea in Shaffik's house. One of the families was previously in Tenby living in the same housing complex with Sita and Fahrul. They returned some few months ago and have temporarily settled in their house close to Shaffik's house. The other family has been very close that we are just like one big family, never failed to get together every opportunity we get whether in Bintulu or KL/PJ.

There were a lot to share amongst us, a lot of news to catch up with and plenty of good food too. We ate, we chat, joked and forgot time. Food intake limits were also exceeded, ha ha ha. The children too enjoyed themselves playing and doing pranks on each other. It was a lively and lovely afternoon. So busy talking that we forgot to take more photos, ha ha ha....

MKI Ramblings Unlimited,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Pioneers

The Melaka Refinery Pioneer Team

Shaffik received the above photo from a friend in his office and emailed it to me. It immediately transported me back about twenty years when we were starting the Melaka Refinery project. We were amongst the pioneers then. Almost all those in the front row and some in the back rows have now retired, although some of them are like me, retired but not yet tired, doing something with their lives and not resigned to be a full time retiree. Some have gone on to be consultants, some have started their own firms and businesses while some others have become 'head-honchos' of companies all in the oil and gas sector. These are where our experience and expertise lies and where we can make a difference. Only a few of the younger ones are still working in the refinery but they too are approaching their retirement ages.

I am still in contact with some of those in the picture, and some others not in the picture; that is how I know what they are doing and how they make useful commitments to their retirement times. I recently managed to make contact with one who now lives partly in the UK and partly in Greece (depending on the heat of the sun!!). It has been a long time parting and since I go to the UK to be with Sita and family a couple of times in the year, the next one coming up very soon, I thought it would be very nice if I can take the opportunity to meet up with him. Hence we are following up on each other and promised to arrange a visit to his location in the UK, something that I very much look forward to.

The above picture was taken in the early project preparation stage of the Refinery. Most of those in the picture were picked from various other completed projects in the oil and gas sector. I had then just ended my seven years in the Ammonia/Urea Fertilizer project starting from earth work, through the design, engineering procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant followed by commercial operations. It had been a most enriching experience for me which culminated in my managing the commissioning and commercial operation of the Urea Plant. This wealth of experience stood the test for the next project I was assigned to, which was the Melaka Refinery.

The Melaka Refinery attracted a different kind of challenges compared to the Fertilizer project, but with experience recall, and a strong project management team whose members were complementing each other and 'gel' as a team, we managed to successfully complete the project and once again I was called upon to lead the commissioning and start up team. It was tough when we were actually and physically at it but looking back now, its nostalgic, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So, I spent quite a long time looking through the above picture when I received it, slowly going through each member one by one and reminisce on how each and everyone of them had impacted upon me and how each of them had contributed towards the successful implementation of the project.

The above experiences are what I am now sharing with other young minds in the organisation on an 'on-call' basis. Not too frequent, just about once a fortnight, but often enough for one like me who walks around with a walking stick, whose RAM (Random Access Memory) slowly fading but ROM (Read Only Memory) as strong as ever, ha ha ha! I am thankful to the Almighty for the experience and the opportunity given to me to share them with the hope that they will somehow benefit the younger generations, in the organisation especially. May the Almighty be pleased with my efforts......

MKI Ramblings Unlimited

Monday, January 25, 2010

On The Move Again

Something we have been looking forward to see..... our little grandchild in Bintulu. The last time we saw him was when he was about five months old, last September. We have not been able to travel to Bintulu since then because of the many commitments we had in the peninsular that we could not find a clear window to be in Bintulu for an extended period. It is only now that we can really get away. Phooohhh...... we may have retired but we still have various commitments to attend to.

We took a mid-morning flight from KLIA to Bintulu yesterday, arriving in Shaffik's house at just after 2 pm. The kids were excited as usual but little Hadeef refused to get near us, screaming his head off each time we tried to hold him. He kept sizing us up from a distance, but not for long though.... 2 hours later he was happy ro play with us... ha ha ha.... apparently having developed confidence seeing his elder siblings so free with us. He is a little too heavy for us to carry for too long and hence we just play with him while he is in his stroller or on the floor. He can sit up but is still unable to move or crawl, staying put at wherever he is put down. He should start crawling soon and by then all stuff around the low levels in the house will have to be moved higher from him!!

The bigger children were in school this morning and we had a good part of the morning to play with Hadeef. Now the elder siblings are back from school and all of them are all over us as usual with Hadeef wondering away.....

Hey! Whats That In Your Hands And Covering Your Face?

We are gonig to be here for a week. Let's see what happens through this weekend....

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