Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mum In JB

It has been a long time since my last blog posting. I have been busy?, Yes, I have been procrastinating? Yes too, I have not been well? No, not really - Ram was not well and I had to take over all chores in the house since there were only the two of us and all chores have to be done and we have no help or maid to assist us like many people do!!

I previously posted a write up of Ram's left eye cornea replacement operation which was done in early August, i.e about 4.00pm 2nd August to be precise. Since then Ram had been very careful not to exert or expose herself to the elements while the medicine, eye-drops application regime were strictly followed. So, I had to do all the chores in the house and run errands as necessary. These activities have become a daily routine and left me without much free time for the social networking activities.

There has been occasions when I had to go to JB to see Mum, and at these times Ram will stay back in her sisters' house about half an hour drive in the next town. However, some two weeks ago something prompted Ram that made her decide that she should make a visit to Mum in JB. And that was a few days before the Eid'l Adha celebrations. So we decided to take a slow drive to JB on the afternoon of Eid'l Adha, just the two of us. We took about seven hours (normally the journey will take less than four hours) for the journey stopping five times at rest areas to rest. We stayed several days in JB, mostly spent time with Mum in the family house which had been renovated and named 'Teratak Kasih'.

No Effort Pushing The Wheel-chair, Mum is Light!

Mum, ever since her fall several months ago, is very slow in her movement and is not yet able to walk on her own. She sits in bed and is moved around in a wheel-chair. Brother Abid and family stays in Teratak Kasih to take care of Mum and other siblings with their families come over to the house often, just to make sure that Mum is accompanied and not lonely. She spends her time reading the Quran, Zikir and reading religious books etc. and sleeps in between. Once in a while brother Abid and/or other siblings would take Mum out of the house to visit relatives or to go to the bank or do other necessary things, just to take her out of the house. But we notice that these outings tire her easily. No surprise though as she is already 91+ years old.

Very Relaxed

While in JB we took the opportunity to visit other close relatives, and also to go for our favourite food outlets, at times when Ram felt well enough to move around. We try to avoid crowded places, too open areas, the sea-side etc. to ensure that Ram is not overexposed to wind, dust, smoke and so on. She wears protective (and fashionable!!) eye-wear but still, we need to take precautions. So far so good.

Brother Abid Contemplating Something? Maybe Re-arranging the Flower Pots!!

Our return journey back to PJ was also a slow drive. We took longer this time. We stopped at the rest areas but most were overcrowded with travelers. Hence we just rest in the car and visited a close friends house somewhere along the way to do the necessary toilet and prayer activities. It has been a while since we met this family and a good time for a revisit while taking the opportunity to do the necessary in their house, thus avoiding the crowded rest areas' facilities.

Yup, Rearranging Pots It was!!

We arrived home quite late and Ram took several days to recover. She was complaining of headaches and numbness on one side of the head the next day, and was sleeping most of the day. Looks like we cannot make long drive journeys too often yet.

MKI Ramblings Unlimited,
Petaling Jaya