Friday, July 16, 2010

Mum's Second Visit To Tempua

Members of the family, the Warisan TCC family, decided to have a 'Gotong Royong' or a group workout, to paint the house as most of the major renovation and re-modelling work are almost complete. Mum, on hearing the group workout insisted in being present to see the progress. She was excited and I was told she woke up at 4.00am and wanted to get ready to be taken to see the house.

It was 9.00am when I went to pick Mum from my sister's house, where Mum is temporarily accommodated while renovation work is going on, and only brother Zulfakar and Zulkifli were in the Tempua house. The others came straggling in within one or two hours later, some even later than that. Never mind the later arrival. Everyone was enthusiastic in helping out and sharing the work load. There was indeed close cooperation, especially amongst the younger third generation to get the work done and more importantly, the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie was very evident. That was the intent of this 'workout' in the first place. To see the smiles on Mum's face was the ultimate reward to everyone present.

Mum commented that the house is more spacious now and agreed that it will be a good venue for the family to meet often. There is no need to hold the big family gathering in a hotel as have been done previously. We have the space to hold it in the house and also utilise the compound of the house by using tents etc. In deed this was the intent after we discussed amongst ourselves, the elders of Warisan TCC, to remodel the house. At the same time it was to give more space and room for Mum in the front portion of the house, in comparison to her old room which was rather secluded, lacking proper exchange of air and ventilation at the back of the house. Her old room has now been remodelled too and rearranged such that two more, slightly smaller, rooms were made by utilising an existent space at the back of the house next to the room.

New Main Entrance

Mum's New Room With Attached Bath And....

.....Wide Bay Windows

After Touring The House

Brother Zulkifli brought mixed breakfast food and drinks for the family members to enjoy amidst all the work.....

>Mum Relaxed While Checking Out Progress

Check Out The Chandelier - Show Off,
Just Coz Mum Was There, Ha Ha!

The New Warisan TCC Corner - The Information Center

Entrance To Recreated Room and The Kitchen To The Right

An Additional Room Recreated

3rd Generation - We've Got A Job To Finish

No No No! Not Gossipping, But Sharing Information Ha Ha Ha!

3rd Generation - More Stories To Share ?

Mum stayed on for about two hours in the Tempua house. I sent her home to Sis's house and in the car she commented on the new space and whether we can hold the next family gathering in the middle of the Muslim month of Syaaban, which will be in a couple of weeks time. We have, in fact, planned for it and will have to double up to complete the work by then. We seek the Almighty's guidance and pleasure to achieve this target and may He be pleased with our efforts.....

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